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Since the age of 17 Alejandro has progressively turned his passion for guitar into his livelihood. Initially, a Spanish family friend who had dedicated his life to Flamenco guitar mentored Alejandro. It was through him Alejandro learnt how to practice in a manner that made him fall in love with the guitar and become a way of life.

Alejandro has been playing in Bourke Street Mall almost daily since 2002. At an average of four days per week and with tens of thousands of people in the mall each day, this equates to millions of people having seen and heard his work.

Alejandro has also played at countless weddings, festivals and corporate events for organizations including Louis Vuitton, RACV,
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Politix, Cranlana, Spirit of Tasmania and Park Hyatt over the years both as part of a latin/flamenco guitar duo, trio and bigger band situations, adapting his style to be able to deliver a consistent and tight sound to a wide range of audiences.

As a musician Alejandro has taken hold of opportunities to travel and play to audiences around Australia and in New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, India and Thailand. This has been a highly rewarding experience, providing an insight into how his style of music is received among other cultures. At the same time being able to play and create new music with the locals is the highlight of any trip.

Frequently, audience members approach him after performances to request private lessons because they have been inspired by his music. In 2009 Alejandro felt musically mature enough and confident to create a solo album and in 2010 launched my debut album Solquemia.

Since the release of my album Alejandro has continued to play to public audiences and sold hundreds of CD’s, many to tourists visiting.

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  • Jimmy Barnes
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  • Red Alert
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