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Callan Morgan and Anna Lumb

Take a trip back to the 1940’s with Captain McCloud and his lovely co-pilot Betty Sharp to a time full of risk, danger and swing dancing. This squadron promises to entertain you with a highly energetic, skillful and downright cheeky acrobatic routine. Be amazed by Betty and the Captain as they perform a series of impressive balances, flips and dance moves with the strength and precision of highly trained aviators. Plenty of bumps laughs and turbulence!

- 10 min show for the stage or dance floor
- Also suitable for roving
- Other themes available: Black Tie/Dapper, Carnivale, Commercial Airline

Anna Lumb is a Melbourne based artist and performer specializing in Acrobatics/Adagio, Trapeze, Hula hoops and Fire. Formerly trained in gymnastics and dance she has over six years performance experience including working with world renown Strange Fruit (aerial pole act) and touring and performing in Europe, America, Canada, UK, Middle East, Africa, Hong Kong and Australia. Anna is known for her diverse skill range and unique performance combinations, drawing on her extensive background to create innovative and lively shows.

Callan Morgan, also a Melbourne based artist and performer, specializes in Acrobatics/Adagio, Fire, Juggling, Hat manipulation and Character work. Beginning as a fire performer and juggler, with a background in gymnastics he has steadily progressed to include acrobatics and hats in his repertoire. With over 10 years performance experience Callan is well known for his charismatic performance style and warm stage presence. He has performed at festivals and events in Europe, America and Australia and is owner and director of Concentrate Circus Equipment and Performance.



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