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Despite his Rock background, Wilbur is first and foremost a jazz player, and when he stopped Rock touring (due to television commitments), Wilbur was able to concentrate on jazz, and formed his “Blowout” group in 1984 (after a stint with Vince Jones, documented with a guest spot on the “For All Colours” album).

At that stage, modern jazz was still virtually an “underground” music in Melbourne, and both Wilbur and Vince Jones were largely responsible for expanding the modern scene into hotels and clubs. In the mid ‘80s to 1991, “Blowout” had several long-running residences, and appearances at “The Basement” in Sydney. The band featured some of Australia’s outstanding musicians, including pianists Paul Grabowsky and David Hirschfelder (composer of “Strictly Ballroom”).

Due to a long running stint in “The Rocky Horror Show”, and the closure of The Limmerick Arms, Wilbur disbanded “Blowout” around late 1991. However, with the opening of Peter Gaudion’s excellent “JAZZ LANE” venue, Wilbur has returned to jazz performances with a stunning new line-up of “Blowout”.

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