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Our names are Daniel and Jacek Gutszmit and we are identical twin brothers who perform in a hand balancing duo act.
We were born and raised in Poland and it was in our home town of Swidnica where we began to train in handstands and acrobatics. However, we now reside in Melbourne, Australia.

During our competitive years in sports acrobatics we achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze placings in European and World Championships. We now have 17 years of experience in sports acrobatics and handstand acrobatics performing.

With our handstand balancing act we have had the opportunity to work in countries through out the world including Canada, Australia, United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

Our longest contract, so far, has been with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL in their production of "Saltimbanco". This was from 1998 until June 2002. Over that time we performed our hand balancing act 10 times per week (for most of that time) plus at moments we were required to perform our handstand act on television and for private promotions in order to promote the show.

Another avenue of acrobatics we would like to go into is teaching. We feel with our achievements and technical knowledge we could really help to develop any future acrobats, handstands balancers or performers to reach their full potential. Also we feel that sports acrobatics and acrobatics in general is a great way to keep fit, develop discipline, confidence and to have fun.

We now reside in Melbourne, Australia where we continue to train hard so that we can refine and develop our handstand act so that we can continue to deliver the most exhilirating and visually stunning entertainment for our audience.

Another area of our lives we are passionate about is weight training and diet advice. Weight training not only allows us to look good on stage, but more importantly it helps us with our act.

Over the years we have acquired a lot of knowledge on this subject and we have had the pleasure of conducting personal training sessions with people from all walks of life. We are definitely continuing to offer personal training sessions for anyone who is interested, as we enjoy seeing our people achieve their fitness goals.

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