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‘Warning- playing with fire may be addictive’

The world of Fireworks Dance is one of energy, danger, grace and fire. And although the fire element of a Fireworks show is a very noticeable and constant theme via apparatus and staging, many other aspects go into Fireworks to make it what it is including circus, dance, theatre and music.

Fireworks offers 2 show compositions, which are a 6 piece and 10 piece, although any number between 6 and 10 members can be arranged. This will however affect the length of the show.

The standard show contains 6 core members that include 2 African drummers, 1 African dancer, 2 Pyros/ Fire performers and 1 Belly dancer (all use fire individually). A 6 piece show runs for approx. 15 minutes.

The 10 piece has an extended line-up that includes all the above plus 2 extra drummers/ musicians and a choice of Belly dancer, Juggler/ Diablo or Hand balancer to fill the remaining 2 spots. A 10 piece show runs longer with a duration of 30 minutes.

Additions to both shows can be made that include fire installations and/or choreographed pyrotechnic display.

The Show.

The performers display many skills, some utilising fire to add to their performance while others push their personal safety to the limit. The beauty and grace is contrasted well by the danger feats and freak show angle. The shows pace and structure is driven by the infectious beats from West Africa and the Middle East, helping set the vibe in the room, with people holding themselves back from getting up and dancing. Some of the skills displayed include, Fire fan-dancing, Fire eating and manipulation, Fire staff and Double staff, Fire Poi-chains, Fire Devil-stick, Fire breathing, Fire sabre-fighting and the very special Flame-thrower just to name a few.

Some of the notable acts that occur during a show include ‘Can you top this..’, involving the drummers and pyro’s in a fire-eating competition. Another highlight is the stunning tandem fire-breathing display, with its explosive effects that make this piece one of the most dangerous and spectacular moments in the show. A crowd favourite is proving to be the ‘Fire-eating Challenge’; an attempt to swallow 15+ fire sticks in succession while handcuffed. Not an easy feat and a bit tricky, but the crowd love it.

For some a Fireworks experience is one of beauty and amazement. For others it’s one of adrenalin and horror. But all would agree on the fun factor. Fireworks is unashamedly load and ‘in your face’, and a little hard to ignore. Just what’s called for to start a party anywhere, anytime.

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