Jacqui Thomas

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I am a freelance performance artist and alternative model. I’m now based in Melbourne after living and performing in London and throughout Europe for many years. I first stepped on stage aged 5 and was bitten with the performance bug which will stay with me until my “final” swansong in years to come!! I have many different guises. I love circus skills, hanging from poles, playing with fire and have a bizarre passion for power tools – namely anglegrinders – so much so that my grinder has become my firm friend and is now my signature show. I also choreograph different forms of dance including burlesque, contemporary, movement, pole dancing and exotic dance routines.

  • Australian Blues Brothers Show
  • Brad Blaze
  • Brad Croft
  • Bustagroove
  • Daryl Braithwaite
  • Jimmy Barnes
  • Katie Noonan
  • Kisstroyer
  • Lady Luck
  • NICA
  • Nyssa Large
  • Red Alert
  • Wilbur Wilde

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