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Melbourne, Australia 

Gabriel commenced performing stand-up on the Melbourne circuit in June 1996. Since then he has become one of Melbourne's premier comedians. Gabriel's style is uniquely his own. He enjoys being satirical with song parodies and sharp-tongued about social issues. A cheeky presence on stage and a boyish charm allows him to push the envelope without losing his audience. It tends to be a case of "how can you take this cheeky guy seriously?"

Unlike a lot of comedians, Gabriel had a fairly normal upbringing. His childhood was easy. He never drank or took illegal substances, there was no major trauma for him as a child and, to say the least, very normal. Which leads us to the burning question - How did someone so boringly normal get into stand-up? A: Because there's nothing normal about Gabriel's view of the world.

In a street press article, Gabriel was once quoted as "having the ability to make the most obvious demographic facts into the funniest song parody." This is demonstrated by Gabriel's Melbourne suburb songs to famous tunes, which has had Melbourne audiences in stitches for some time. Gabriel's stand up is "in your face" as quoted by the press. His blunt approach on social issues is uncompromising and very funny. Gabriel always likes to tell it as it is. Honestly - and brutally so with hilarious results.

Gabriel's experiences as an Australian-born Italian are expressed as never before. Who else would joke about the fact that his parents gave him money even though he earns more than they do? Gabriel then went off and married an Australian girl, which inspired his original song "Aussie Wife Blues" which is a side-splitter.

Gabriel's versatility has seen him working in several mediums such as radio (TTFM, Triple M, Triple R, Fox, SBS Radio & Community Radio) as well as TV (Channel 31). Gabriel has performed in most major venues in Melbourne and Sydney and has toured Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Gabriel likes to avail himself to do charity comedy shows wherever possible and enjoys working for community-based media. Corporate functions are also very much a part of Gabriel's workload, as are private functions such as weddings, birthdays, social events, etc.

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