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FERNANDEZ & WRIGHT released their debut album titled Unsung in 2009. After a year of solid writing for the album they pulled together some of Melbourne's finest jazz musicians to bring life to their beautifully crafted songs. These include pianist Sam Keevers, bassist Ben Robertson and drummer Dave Beck. The album was co-produced by composer and former original Little River Band member Rick Formosa. Other contributors are long standing Australian music veterans Chong Lim, Alex Pertout and Doug Brady from Armstrong Studios.

Steve and Vanessa's music origins and influences provided a creative vehicle for the songs on Unsung. The meshing of their individual styles gave birth to a sound unique to Fernandez and Wright. Vanessa's embers have been have likened to that of a "smooth alcoholic beverage" with a depth and range, grit and smoothness unique to her. Infused with Steve's infectious grooves and percussive writing style, Fernandez and Wright are a truly contagious outfit.

Launched to a full house at Bennetts Lane, Unsung received rave reviews including 4 stars out of 5 from veteran music commentator Billy Pinnell. Fernandez and Wright continue to gig as a duo and with contributors to the album, at the Paris Cat Jazz Club, Apple Store Doncaster, Giant Steps Winery, Hickinbotham Winery, The Thread Den, Mandala Winery, Bluestone Restaurant & Bar, Rice Queen, Chaise Lounge Bar, the Gypsy Bar and the Spanish Club.

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