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Chris has over 20 years experience which has developed since he coined the term ‘Tailor Made Speaker’, to create exactly what the client needs.

During that time he has needed to be funny, clever, witty, shave his head, grow hair, add 20+ years, add 30+ kilos, change his face, change his skin colour, dress up, dress down, have countless nationalities and be extremely well researched.

Being able to speak numerous languages, master foreign accents and learning how to transform his appearance (from Hollywood’s leading movie makeup artists) has all certainly helped.

He’s the eminent visiting expert at the convention dinner, the Royal family adviser sharing VIP and celebrity secrets at your product launch or roadshow and the international business leader featured on TV!

Chris is voted 'Best Speaker' at international and national conferences, ‘Most Entertaining and Useful Presentation’ by university groups, invited to lobby governments on behalf of national associations and was attributed as a major reason for the world’s largest company’s highest sales growth of any of its products… ever!

What Do You Need Right Now?
The perfect humorous presentation to lift the mood and get everyone laughing – and listening?
To sell your message?

A formidable lateral thinker he's a creative corporate guest speaker, motivator, facilitator, mentor, trainer and tailor made motivational speaker. Chris De Havilland Hoax Master is the premier Australian professional inspirational speaker for corporate entertainment, corporate comedian, comic keynote speaker, powerful public speaker, entertaining expert, funny guru, comedy compere and multi-tasking MC for your corporate event.

For your corporate breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail party, exhibition, convention, conference, product launch or private function, your tailor made keynote speaker can also act as presenter, guest MC and feature entertainer creating Wow Factor for your event.
Chris De Havilland the 'Hoax Master' invented the term, 'tailor made guest speaker' for his first hoax opening a building, reminiscent of Leonardo Di Caprio starring as Frank W. Abagnale in 'Catch Me If You Can'!

Chris is termed everything from corporate speaker, motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, professional speaker, guest speaker, celebrity speaker, Business speaker, hoax speaker, tailor made guest speaker, keynote speaker, creative speaker, conference speaker, guru, trainer, training expert, comic, corporate presenter, international speaker, corporate jester, corporate conman, speaker bureau, keynote speaker, public speaker, guest rotary speaker, corporate imposter, celebrity, famous personality, master of disguise to Mr Morph!

Whether your subject is Sports, Politics, Business, Television, Finance, HR, Art, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Communications, OH&S, Education, Industry, Mining, Agriculture, Engineering, Law, Labor or Trade, Chris De Havilland has lectured in all these and more.

If you require Team Building Activities, Trainers, After Dinner Speakers or Media Personalities, Chris is renowned for tailoring each detail to your needs.  

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