Andrew Ronay-Jenkings

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A touch of Vegas, Musical Theatre, Big Band and the Classics.

Sit down in a comfortable seat, and then get ready to stand.
This will be an exhilarating journey with Andrew Ronay-Jenkings! Andrew’s extraordinary choice of songs reminds you of times, places, people and dreams.

Be prepared to be mesmerised by Andrew – ‘What a Night’ is here. His unique and powerful voice resonates down “Penny Lane” and “Over the Rainbow”. An outstanding band partners Andrew on a musical experience.

As he takes us “Downtown” the audience can’t help but go with him. Charming but not shy, Andrew will slip on the tap shoes and take over the keyboard of a baby grand. Under the spotlight the smooth seductive vocals of “Fever” and show stopping “New York, New York” set the tone for an evening of dazzling entertainment.

What a night will entertain crowds all over the world. You'll want to leave your seat to dance and sing along with him! Andrew Ronay-Jenkings, What a Night! is “not to be missed.” - Herald Sun, Lillian Frank.

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