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“Peter Gabriel meets David Gray in one-man popster Nicholas Roy. His beautiful voice is full of weariness and drama; his instruments stretched and warped to create a whole dynamic world”
Beat Magazine

“I like a guy bold enough to list Elton John as an influence…” Richard Kingsmill, Triple J

When Nicholas Roy started playing the Melbourne live circuit, he felt a bit out of place in venues like The Espy. There’d be four bands on one bill, with screaming guitars and rock god moves, so when the time came for Nic to do his stuff, the audience didn’t know what to expect… neither did the other bands on the night, A guy with a Piano? Only three musicians? (The guitarist also plays bass). The time came, and suddenly the audience was dancing. That was two years ago, and since then Nic has been doing gigs throughout Sydney, Adelaide and Perth and back to Melbourne for more! The anxiety of having to convince the audience has never been an issue; in fact it has worked for Nicholas, who doesn’t have to worry about following trends. His new recordings reflect this; one keyboard, once voice, a bit of bass and some home made late night recordings. With that set up, what you see is what you get - nothing planned or contrived!

The many trips late at night, encounters with so many Taxi drivers, their countless stories led to this release… a tranquil, yet vibrant night through the city…”just… drive, drive, drive" 

  • Australian Blues Brothers Show
  • Brad Blaze
  • Brad Croft
  • Bustagroove
  • Daryl Braithwaite
  • Jimmy Barnes
  • Katie Noonan
  • Kisstroyer
  • Lady Luck
  • NICA
  • Nyssa Large
  • Red Alert
  • Wilbur Wilde

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