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Victoria, Australia

In the summer of 1988, successful applicants from across Australia gathered in Brisbane for the World Expo and formed the "The Expo City Marching Band", the first full-time, professional marching band in Australia. From this ensemble, a group of fifteen enthusiastic musicians were given a brief: to form a pep band. With some vague ideas of what a pep band was in the USA, they formed "The Expo City Pep Band".

Towards the end of the Expo the "Pep Band" teamed up with mime artist Peter Gray as "Angelo the Drum Major". This fusion of mime and music and the combination of the eccentric drum major Angelo and the less than obedient pep band proved very successful. It was from within this band the concept of "The Itchy Feet Pep Band" evolved. Angelo the Drum Major is now spared the frustration of dealing with the Pep Band’s antics, having recently retired to more peaceful pastures and handed over the reins to another pompous prancing poser.

The Pep Band is a brassy combination of music and mischief, marching and mayhem. Their performances create an exciting atmosphere, whether it’s leading a street procession, roving through a crowd, welcoming guests or presenting a 'cabaret' show at festivals or corporate functions. Audiences hear and see a performance that is completely different from any other marching band they have experienced.

Based in Melbourne, the Itchy Feet Pep Band is now Australia's favourite comic marching band, having featured at festivals, parades and tattoos in locations around Australia and overseas, including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and throughout Asia. The Pep Band has provided entertainment for audiences of all ages at cultural festivals, private and corporate functions, flower, art and agricultural shows, children’s events, regional festivals, and major city celebrations. The band has also represented Australia three times at the Hong Kong Chinese New Year Festival, most recently in 2008.

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