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People request duo or trio performances and they come in many shapes and genres. In the classical music scene the combination is endless:

  • Harp/flute
  • Harp/flute/violin
  • Violin/Cello
  • Violin/Violin
  • Pianist plus solo instrumental or vocalist (voice being the instrument)
  • Guitar and vocalist.

This list of classical option goes on.

With expertise and training in classics, the understanding of the sound of a solo instrument being added to an instrument that accompanies it is well understood and explained to clients looking for this option. The music training of UPFRONT Events up to and at Post Graduate level make it easy to walk prospective clients through the mind field of what is available to guarantee the 'right shoe fits the foot'. 

In Jazz, the combinations are also endless and are available with or without vocalists: 

  • Guitar/Bass
  • Buitar/Bass/ Saxophone
  • Drum (small kit or large) Bass/Keys

Once again, an accompanying instrumental capable of chordal work can add a great foundation to a soloing instrument of voice and the addition of drum or percussion can drive the sound even further without intruding.

In current cover music trends, the use of duo's and trio's that are acoustic in nature can provide ambient music or plugged in versions that provide the sound of a full band. These elements are explained also with ease and help to clients. UPFRONT navigate their clients to the right options of what style of duo/trio and repertoire range would be the most suitable for their function.

The combination of DJ/rapper/beatboxer is one of the most interesting combination to emerge in recent years or the combination of two DJ's working together is a dynamic trend.

Whatever Duo/Trio you need for your next function, UPFRONT Events will help steer you in the right direction and provide information and resource that hits the target.

Not all music on artists websites is a true representation of the artists. This is a well known fact. UPFRONT Events personnel are qualified Arts industry teachers and University lecturers and use the knowledge acquired over years of music and art study to analyse the performance so clients know they are getting exaclty what they want.

  • Australian Blues Brothers Show
  • Brad Blaze
  • Brad Croft
  • Bustagroove
  • Daryl Braithwaite
  • Jimmy Barnes
  • Katie Noonan
  • Kisstroyer
  • Lady Luck
  • NICA
  • Nyssa Large
  • Red Alert
  • Wilbur Wilde

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