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Always one of Australia’s most talented vocalists, Vanessa Amorosi’s recent open- armed embrace of new experiences and big vision has led to her creating some of her finest and most innovative work to date.

Evidenced by her latest ARIA Top 10 album ‘Hazardous’, which has been awarded Gold status in Australia and is home to singles ‘This Is Who I Am’. ‘Hazardous’ & Mr Mysterious’. First single from the album, double platinum ‘This Is Who I Am’ debuted at #1 and retained pole position for two weeks. A feat not achieved since Kylie Minogue in 2007.

Most recent single, ‘Mr Mysterious’ features Multiple ARIA Award winner Seany B. Debuting at #6 on the ARIA chart the single climbed to #4 in its second week and achieved Gold status. Only a few months in and 2010 is proving to be a huge year for Amorosi. Having toured Australia as special guest to Rob Thomas Amorosi played to over 300,000 people nation wide.

There has also been the release of duet ‘Each Tear’ with Mary J Blige and confirmed releases in the UK and Europe. With eight ARIA Award nominations and one prestigious APRA Award under her belt, not to mention her most played record on Australian radio in 2008, the anthemic ‘Perfect', as well as an internationally high- profile collaboration with Hoobastank on the US act’s single “The Letter”, Amorosi is set to take the world by storm once again with her unmistakeable voice and devastating talent.

Approaching her brave new musical world with the confidence and self-belief of someone with the track record and talent to back it up, Amorosi found the perfect foil in Swedes Niklas Olovson and Robin Lynch, best known as the songwriting and production powerhouse MachoPsycho and the team behind Pink’s “Stupid Girls”. On the same page from the get-go, the partnership proved fruitful –they penned 20 songs together. “The experience of working with Niklas and Robin was exactly what I wanted,” Amorosi says. “There were no limitations, no musical boundaries. And when searching for ideas and sounds there were no restrictions or pigeonholing. It was a musical process of exploring every idea.” This open-minded approach not only saw Amorosi’s music step up to another level, but it also took the singer to a new place. She leapt at the opportunity to decamp to MachoPsycho’s studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the team spent three productive months whittling down the great amount of material to craft the album.

During this time, and importantly, Amorosi also co- executive produced alongside Ralph Carr to ensure the final work perfectly realised the artist’s vision. The finishing touches were added in Los Angeles by multi Grammy Award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge, the studio genius behind many of Green Day’s records including American Idiot, as well as acts such as My Chemical Romance, Stevie Nicks and The Replacements. The resulting dance-slanted pop-rock set reflects Amorosi’s re-energised approach to making music and willingness to push the boundaries of her sound. It’s hammered home on commanding single “This Is Who I Am”, a fierce and confident pop-rock anthem that also resonates with Amorosi’s accomplished way with words. “I think this track is indicative of the rest of the album. I indulge and move in a number of directions, tempo and groove-wise. Lyrically, I think it’s my best album yet. I’m very proud of its direction and content,” she explains.

Vanessa reached almost unheard of success in 1998 when her debut single Have A Look went Gold after only seven weeks in the ARIA charts. This achievement was followed by mega-hits in Australia and Europe with Absolutely Everybody and Shine, and her album The Power reached #1 in Australia.

Vanessa has sold over 1.5 million records worldwide. Following this success, Vanessa enjoyed career highlights including everything from performing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics & the Manchester Commonwealth Games, to touring Europe with Joe Cocker, and receiving a vast collection of awards both within Australia and Internationally. As she moved out of her teens, Vanessa’s musical tastes became a little heavier and more soulful, finding inspiration from 70’s rock legends such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. “I never had vocal training but my mother was the best tutor I ever had,” Vanessa says. “She used to sing in a rock band herself. She’d always tell me: ‘”Put a bit of edge on those words, get across to the audience that those words mean a lot to you.”

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