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An incredible show guaranteed to leave you screaming for more! The Magic of Ben Murphy’s “Magic and Illusion Show” is the perfect choice for medium to larger events and functions.

This show will have you rolling on the floor laughing one moment and staring in disbelief the next. Filled with some of the cleverest audience participation, some of Las Vegas’ most stunning magical illusions and some never before seen effects and routines this show is a winner.

See the
- The Slicer- the only illusion like it in Australia. On a construction site a beautiful girl is stretched to 3 meters while being cut into 7 pieces, all the while both hands and feet are seen!
- The Impaler- in a fantasy medieval sacrifice, that is strangely breathtakingly beautiful, a young woman is balanced on the tip of a sword and spun 360degrees before falling and being visibly impaled.
- Geometrick- will have you scratching your head as comically you will see a girl vanish in a cabinet that barely holds her, as numerous blades and tubes are thrust in allowing a full view through the centre to the back of the stage before the cabinet is spit into 3!
- The Doggy Bag- Ben’s most requested effect. With the help of a lady from the audience, Ben will have everyone in stitches as he brings a dog made out of a balloon to life. Watch as it sits up, rolls over and tragically with the help of Ben’s foot and a ‘pop’-plays dead-before he visual restores back to life.
- Houdini’s Famous Trunk Escape-where Ben is handcuffed and locked inside of a solid metal industrial box only to miraculously trade places with the assistant standing high atop.
- Nicole Kidman- An impossible but exceptionally funny effect where a puzzle in a frame of Nicole Kidman is seen complete. Well almost-the puzzle piece where her nose should be is missing. With a bag of over a 1000 different pieces, can Ben control the audiences mind and select the nose that fits Nicole?

With stunning mind blowing magical effects and Las Vegas Style Illusions, beautiful dancers and a nonstop show of laughter, this is certainly a crowd pleaser.


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