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David specialises in Close-up and Strolling magic, the type of magic which is performed from table-to-table in a restaurant or banquet situation, or moving amongst small groups at cocktail parties or receptions. He began performing professionally 18 years ago when he became one of the resident magicians at Merlins restaurant in Fitzroy. At Merlins each table received their own 20 minute private magic show of conjuring and illusions. Much of the magic happened in the hands of the spectators themselves; coins appeared, disappeared and reappeared, playing cards changed colour and size, cut ropes were restored, and sponge balls multiplied. Customers returned again and again to be amazed and amused by the stylish sleight of hand performed at such close quarters.

After two years full time performing at Merlins David branched out into private engagements and corporate functions. He has performed close-up magic at wedding receptions, 21st birthday parties, 50th anniversary parties, cocktail parties, banquets, and trade promotions. He has worked his magic at wedding receptions on the "Showboat" while cruising the Yarra, at Gala Charity Events on the Spirit of Tasmania while cruising the bay, and has worked everywhere from the Great Hall at the National Gallery to private functions at Raheen, where he has performed on many occasions for Richard Pratt and the Visy Board company.

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