Harry Houdidnt

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Harry Houdidn’t has been the first choice of top function organisers. They can be confident that Harry’s performance will enhance their event and ensure it is not only successful but remains a talking point for some time to come.

Harry Houdidn’t has delighted audiences with his most creative and innovative comedy act, which, as his name implies, involves magic with a twist. Harry delivers his comedy at a fast and furious pace, eliciting belly-laughter from even the most composed audience member! The performance involves co-ordinating specially selected music and sound effects with any number of his crazy comedy illusions, pick pocketing and magic, hilarious escape, dance and whip cracking routines, and a few surprises as well. Aided by his sword-swallowing chook, this zany performer uses a good balance of spectacular illusions, thrilling escapism and fire-eating to give the audience a smorgasbord of thrills and spills, coupled with side-splitting material. His act is an important ingredient for an special function and does not contain any offensive material.

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