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 Julian bull will deceive, hustle and trick you, but you'll love it. If you need a magician who will keep your guests awake at night for hours wondering how he did it, then Julian is for you. Julian will also make you the star of the show by giving you mystical powers. Everyone will remember that you seemed to randomly choose the 4 aces, that you managed to correctly guess the colour of all 52 cards and that you managed to bend a coin with your brain. 

Julian can perform in the round with people watching from every angle and can have you inspect all his props. His act involves sleight of hand tricks with rope, coins, balls, cups, pencils, cards, drink cans, spoons, nails and eggs. 

Julian has performed for about 9 years at a variety of events and venues like Luna Park, the GPO Grand hotel (in martin place), Myer, the Coffs Harbour Busker's festival, Crows nest festival, the MCA Artbar, Cafe Lounge Surry Hills, Newtown Festival, Maya da Daba, Burwood festival, Glebe Festival, Henry Lason Festival, Concord Carnival, Ferragosto. Hire Julian Today!!

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