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He'll tear up your money, cut off your tie, lift your watch
....and split your sides!!

With a middle name like ‘Trust Me’ you can be sure of one thing …… Phil Cass defies the conventional pattern of mayhem in live entertainment with his unique on-stage persona that safely runs the gamut from insult to result!

Phil has gained an enviable reputation not only as a first rate illusionist of international standard but also for being in the upper echelon of Australia’s most polished and professional comedy entertainers. In fact, he is considered by his peers to be this country’s No. 1 comedy magic act.

The style and close-up magic of Phil Cass is absolutely, positively, mind-boggling …. Sleight-of-hand and theatrical pick pocketing are very powerful entertainment weapons indeed …. Especially when mixed with his brand of humour!

Phil’s stand up act is full of side-splitting comedy coupled with intrigue and involves a high level of audience interaction. It’s an act that is guaranteed not to fail. It is for precisely these reasons that he finds himself in extreme demand in the corporate arena. {Just to drop a few names, Mercedes Benz, IBM, AMP, Telstra, Optus, Carlton & United, McDonalds, Sony, Ford, XXXX, Coca-Cola and Lend Lease have all experienced his unique presentations.}

The large production shows that he produces are packed with mystery, drama, suspense, hot dance numbers and even a touch of macabre as well as the outstanding comedy routines for which Phil has become famous … err, infamous. His credentials include making cars appear, levitate and disappear as well as the sudden appearance of the odd elephant or horse! He is one of The Footy Show’s favourite performers and of course, was one of Midday’s as well.

This showmanship & versatility has rewarded him with numerous prestigious awards:
Phil has been awarded for seven consecutive years the Australian Variety Artist’s 'Mo' Award for:- 'The Best Speciality Act in Australia’

Other achievements : Named 'Queensland Entertainer of the Year', 'Close-up Magician of the Year', Cabaret Performer of the Year' and 'Comedian of the Year'.

Also winner of the 1996 ‘MO’ award for Versatile Variety Performer of the Year and the winner of the 1997/8 Trophy for Outstanding Contribution To Comedy Magic.

1998, 1999 and 2000 winner of the ACE (Australian Club Entertainer) Award for Sight Act of the Year.

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