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TIM ELLIS is Australia’s most highly awarded magician – known around the world for his original, innovative and entertaining approach to the art of magic.

Highly sought after for his engaging style, for over 40 years Tim has been featured in hundreds of Australian and international magazines, press articles, and television shows including ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’, ‘Today’, ‘Sunrise’,‘Good Morning Australia’, ‘Location Location Amazing Homes’and ‘Fox News’ (USA).

He is also one of the most consulted experts in magical matters for film, television, theatre and even other magicians.

Tim delivers a high-energy, stunning comedy magic show guaranteed to leave any audience on the edge of their seats – when they aren’t falling off them with laughter…

From being buried alive, breaking Guinness World Records or even performing at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, Tim is at home in any situation that calls for a little dexterous deception.

No matter what size your next event is, Tim can help you make it spectacular.

Tim is an expert at breaking the ice as he mingles with your guests at Cocktail Parties, Banquets, Trade Launches – even Boardrooms! What makes it even more amazing is that Tim performs with nothing more than borrowed objects and superb sleight of hand. Picture the looks of wonder and amazement on the faces of your guests as Tim changes the time on their watches without even touching them, finds hundred dollar bills in dinner rolls, and causes a diamond ring to vanish and reappear attached to his car keys!

His comedy magic show is always different as he tailors it to the need of each individual client, and his close up magic has won awards from Japan to New York. Every performance is filled with his trademark high-energy and plenty of audience participation.

When you really want to put on a show that will leave your guests talking for months, Tim Ellis will bring out his Grand Illusion Spectacular! It’s a 45 minute stage show that goes beyond Vegas featuring amazing magic and the type of stage illusions that most people only ever get to see on TV. In fact, Tim Ellis has too many Grand Illusions to fit into the one show, so he’ll create a customised show to suit your needs from any of dozens of immaculate deceptions.

“The Night of Illusion blew me away, along with everyone else there. They are incredible! I’ve never heard people raving about an act so much.” – Australian Friendly Societies

“The staff and management were absolutely amazed by your incredible magic and remarked how you just blended with the crowd. We thank you for entertaining us with your amazing talent.” – Creative Visuals

“Without understating Ellis’ sleight of hand or talent for misdirection, it is his showmanship that keeps you spellbound. His timing, comic flair and charisma ensure there’s never a dead moment.” – Cameron Woodhead, The Age Theatre Reviewer

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