Hail the female genius that puts the magic where it’s meant to be- in the music! UK born and Australian bred Helena can take illustrious ownership of this role, securing herself as one of Australia’s leading and most prominent female DJs and electronic producers. Standing her ground with the sentiment that lies in her musical soul, Helena has come to be an icon within the local and international EDM world showcasing her depth with electro, progressive and house beats. DJ Mag top 100 artist Eddie Halliwell has held her to the musical thrown as the one to watch, while indisputably she cant put a record wrong nor a tune out of key. From Mixmag to Inked Magazine Australia, Helena is featured in high demand contributing more than just the tunes as one of the world’s aspiring female artists.

Seducing crowds globally, Helena created a bombshell profile withstanding the idealistic yet competitive Ibiza reputation,involved in significant establishments like Manumission and Pacha. While embracing the toughest of crowds on the White Isle and throughout England, Helena was never one to be reckoned with, extending her tour reputation from Europe and the UK, through Asia and around Australia. The world’s hottest and most influential labels and brands like Gatecrasher and Sneakerz have been victim of Helena’s tempting musical fusions, while an appearance or two at global honcho Ministry of Sound is frequent on her agenda. Being Pioneer Pro DJ’s leading ambassador, it goes without saying, the globe’s hottest acts like Carl Cox, Avicii, Laidback Luke and John Dahlback have never been more than an ear away sharing a booth or two with lady luck.

Established and well in tune with Australia, music essentialists are treated to more than infectious sets throughout the best parties in the nation but to a magnetic on set presence. Named EMI Record’s front runner in the 2011 She Can DJ campaign, Helena is making her sound well and truly heard over the top, having graced the decks at Australia’s best clubs- Ivy Sydney, Family Brisbane,Gold Coast’s Platinumand Electric Circus in Adelaide. No stranger to grand scale adrenalin, this female boss of electronica has too captivated arenas at Australia’s largest music festival -Stereosonic, Future Music Festival and New Years Eve’s memorable Sensation White.

It is no doubt the sublime musical selection that lies within Helena’s sets originates from an organic talent within. From her four years of professional DJ experience, the last three have opened the doors for this untamed contessa to unleash the productive bloods in the studio. From a young age her classical skills on the cello and piano amplified into more when teamed with an electronic front. Out on Australia’s biggest club brand Onelove Helena’s debut single ‘Girl From Outta Space’ has contributed to the musical asset Helena holds so well, while official #1 chart topper ‘Everybody Get Up’ by Jam Xpress & Seany B proudly sat in its chart spot with its remix by yours truly. Not only does Onelove have brag rights for Helena’s debut single but also on their recent compilation hit ‘Sonic Boombox’, mixed by yours truly alongside Acid Jack and global hero Benny Benassi.

Taking the electronic world head on and tackling dance floors from Melbourne to Miami this musical empress will be of sheer importance to speakers near you.

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