Budget Development & Planning

Budget development, planning and implementation are all critical components in the success and profitability of a meeting or event.  Sometimes coming in under budget isn't about cutting expenses, but about working smarter - by planning ahead, saving time and effort, or simply changing the way you usually do things.  We work closely with you to examine your past budgets, trends in your industry as well as within your event and establish a mutual budget development and planning process to help you meet and exceed your goals.  


  • Review past and current supplier contracts
  • Examine budget processes from previous events
  • Research historical trends in your industry and past events



  • Discuss profitability goals for the company and each event
  • Establish "hot topics"  that deserve more dollars
  • Review attendance goals and "fall-out" trends to determine true attendance
  • Negotiate and streamline supplier contracts for top profitability
  • Develop a tracking system to heep up with daily expenses and maintain profit goals



  • Manage on-site expenses to include venue, food and beverage, audio/visual, trade and staffing
  • Advise your team of "po up" and "add on" expenses as they arise and determine worthiness
  • Continue tracking of expenses to maintain margins



  • Review all supplier billings post-event
  • Dispute unapproved expenses
  • Present final billing and maintain timely supplier payments
  • Provide budget vs. actual and review variances
  • Review all processes and identify areas of concern as well as future planning 



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